FeRFA Type 1



Floor Seals are used in a variety of environments to seal concrete slabs which have a dusty surface and or protect from concrete erosion by (case hardening the surface).

Floor seals can also aid with the cleaning of the surface, providing that there is a suitable cleaning regime in place.

We can install a floor seal in either a chosen colour or a clear; there is also an additional UV stable version for areas which will be in direct view of sun light.

Floor seals can also be used to seal an existing Resin Screed to help with the cleaning of the surface in areas such Restaurant Kitchens / Engineering Workshops, etc. Floor seals are best suited in areas such as;

  • Warehouses (foot traffic only)
  • Light Engineering (foot traffic only)
  • Work’s Units (foot traffic only)

A slip-resistant surface can be achieved by broadcasting dry silica sand into the first seal coat then applying a second seal coat (encapsulating) the sand.

All Ultrasyntec slip-resistant surfaces conform to British standards.

For further technical information on Ferfa Type 1 – Floor Seals visit https://www.ferfa.org.uk

All Ferfa Types must be mechanically prepared prior to installation.