FeRFA Type 2



Floor coatings are used in many areas of industry and are a simple ,cost effective way of transforming the look of a floor.

UltraSyntec only use reputable manufacturers to provide the very best Polyurethane and Epoxy paints and coatings which come in an array of colours.

We specified two coats for every job but in some case’s the floor may require a primer coat due to a “damp” or “porous” substrate.

This system has proven to be a great way of turning an old tired looking floor into a new easy to clean surface which is maintenance free. Ferfa Type 2 – Floor Coatings are best suited in environments such as.

  • Engineering (light- medium foot traffic)
  • Warehousing (light- medium foot traffic)
  • Garages (light- medium foot traffic)
  • Works Units (light- medium foot traffic)
  • Production Areas (light- medium foot traffic)

A slip- resistant surface can be achieved by broadcasting dry silica sand into the first coat then applying a second seal coat (encapsulating) the sand, creating a slip-resistant surface.

All UltraSyntec slip-resistant surfaces conform to British standards

For further technical information on Ferfa Type 2 – Floor Coatings visit https://www.ferfa.org.uk

All Ferfa Types must be mechanically prepared prior to installation.