FeRFA Type 3



High build floor coatings are the most robust paint systems on the market; this is because the paint has more “thickness” than any other paint system which in turn provides more density to the product.

Ferfa type 3 products have good resistance to the day to day wear and tear of industry and can make a considerable difference to the overall look of a floor. For areas which may be slipy due to oil or grease we can add silica sand to create a slip-resistant surface.

UltraSyntec only uses the very best floor coatings on the market which are backed up by performance guarantees.

High Build Coatings can be installed in environments such as;

  • Medium Duty Engineering (light – medium duty traffic)
  • Warehousing (light – medium duty traffic)
  • Sports Stadia (light – medium duty traffic)
  • Health Care (light – medium duty traffic)
  • Mechanic Garages (light – medium duty traffic)
  • Show Rooms (light – medium duty traffic)
  • Production Areas (light – medium duty traffic)
  • Works Units (light – medium duty traffic)

A slip-resistant surface can be created by broadcasting dry silica sand into the first coat the then leave to cure, apply the second coat (encapsulating) the sand. All UltraSyntec slip-resistant surfaces conform to British standards.

For more technical information on Ferfa Type 3 visit https://www.ferfa.org.uk

All Ferfa Types must be mechanically prepared prior to installation.