FeRFA Type 4



Multi-layer flooring is a series of coating’s, incorporating an aggregate dressing often referred to as a “sandwich system”.

A primer coat would be applied to the substrate then left to cure overnight. Next, there would be a coating applied (colour depending on spec). Then immediately followed by a scattering of aggregate (colour and size depending on spec) until an even spread has been broadcast across entire area, then left to cure overnight. This would be followed by 1 or 2 seal coat’s again depending on spec. A UV resistant coating can be applied on final coat to prevent colour fade.

Typical thickness for multi-layer flooring would be 2mm upwards depending on spec.

The resin types that can be used are Polyurethane/ Epoxy or Fast curing resin (MMA).

The floor would be able to stand up to medium to heavy duty work load depending on the type of aggregate used and how many seal coats have been applied.

Good resistance to occasional spillage.

Leave’s a textured or profiled surface in gloss or matt finish.

Can be applied in temperatures ranging from -5⁰C to 40⁰C.

Provides a high slip resistance but this can depend on the profile of the aggregate dressing.

To summarise Ferfa type 4 gives you all the qualities of floor coating’s but with the aggregate dressing gives the product added strength, therefore gives a longer life span.

Ferfa Type 4 Systems are best in environments such as;

  • Retail (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)
  • Engineering (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)
  • Food & Beverage (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)
  • Production Facilities (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)
  • Show Room’s (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)

All UltraSyntecs slip-resistant surfaces conform to British Standards.

For further technical information on Ferfa Type 4 visit https://www.ferfa.org.uk

All substrates must be mechanically prepared before applying any Ferfa type.