FeRFA Type 5



Often known as “Self- Levelling” or “Self- Smoothing” flooring. Where the typical thickness is laid between 2-3mm.

Self-smoothing systems come in either polyurethane/ epoxy. Its intended use is for medium to light- heavy duty working environments.

Can be laid by use of a trowel/ pin rake or notched squeegee.

They have good resistance to impact damage and stand up very well to chemical damage. They can also be laid in areas where the temperature will drop as low as -5⁰C / high as 40⁰C.

All standard colours are available and also decorative effects can be installed. The appearance is a smooth surface which comes in either gloss or matt. (To gain slip-resistance a matt finish would be recommended. As they have such a smooth finish they are extremely hygienic.

For added slip-resistance we can add dry silica sand into a seal coat once the self- leveller has cured.

Self-levelling systems are best suited in environments such as;

  • Food & Beverage (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)
  • Retail (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)
  • Engineering (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)
  • Production Facilities (medium – light-heavy traffic)
  • Sports Stadia (medium – light-heavy duty traffic)

For more technical information on Ferfa Type 5 systems visit https://www.ferfa.org.uk

All substrates must be mechanically prepared before Appling any Ferfa type. All UltraSyntec slip-resistant surfaces conform to British Standards.