FeRFA Type 6



Epoxy screed is a flooring compound which is made up of a coloured resin liquid and a blend of aggregates, once both components are mixed together this forms a screed which is laid by use of a trowel.

The finish is a smooth textured surface, which then has to have two resin seal’s applied over the screed to create a tough easy to clean floor.

UltraSyntec use the very best epoxy on the market which comes’s in a variety of colours to suit all tastes.

We can also apply a slip-resistant surface by broadcasting silica sand into the seal coats.

All UltraSyntec slip-resistant flooring conforms to British Standards.

Epoxy screeds work well in environments such as;

  • Engineering (light – heavy duty traffic)
  • Aerospace (light – heavy duty traffic)
  • Works units (light – heavy duty traffic)
  • Storage areas (light – heavy duty traffic)
  • Production areas (light – heavy duty traffic)

For more information on ferfa type 6 visit https://www.ferfa.org.uk

All substrates must be mechanically prepared before applying a ferfa type