FeRFA Type 7


Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring Installation

Heavy duty flowable flooring is a resin liquid screed mixed with fine sand that forms a self-levelling compound. The products we use come in a variety of colours and are laid to a thickness of around 3-5mm depending on how rough the floor is.

Once the flooring system has cured which generally takes around 12 hours, the finish will be a smooth matt surface.

Working temperatures for this product can be as low as -10⁰C or as high as 60⁰C. Once laid this has very good impact resistance and leaves an easy to clean surface which can be achieved by use of a pressure washer at high temperature. This product is best suited in environments such as;

  • Food & Beverage (Heavy Duty traffic)
  • Restaurant/ Kitchens (Heavy Duty traffic)
  • Health Care (Heavy Duty traffic)
  • Clinical Work Areas (Heavy Duty traffic)

For more information on Ferfa type 7 https://www.ferfa.org.uk

All substrates must be mechanically prepared before applying a Ferfa type.