FeRFA Type 8



Heavy duty resin floor screed is a liquid mixed with dense aggregates which when mixed together forms an extremely hard wearing screed. This system is hand laid by use of a trowel and its general thickness is between 6mm – 9mm depending on the environment that the flooring is being used.

Once the flooring system has cured which generally takes between 12-24Hr depending on air temperature, the finish will be a flat textured surface that has excellent slip-resistant and an overall density strength of >50ⁿ₂mm which is the same strength as Power floated Concrete .

This system has excellent impact resistance and can stand up to the toughest working environments, it can also be steam cleaned for areas to where a hygienic regime is critical. We recommend Heavy Duty Resin Screed in environments such as;

  • Food & Beverage (heavy duty traffic)
  • Restaurant/ Kitchens (heavy duty traffic)
  • Slaughter Houses (heavy duty traffic)
  • Heavy Engineering (heavy duty traffic)
  • Aerospace (heavy duty traffic)
  • Stadia (heavy duty traffic)

All UltraSyntec slip-resistant surfaces conform to British Standards

For more information on ferfa type 8 visit http://www.ferfa.org.uk

All substrates must be mechanically prepared before applying a Ferfa type.