As an addition to UltraSyntec Industrial & Decorative flooring systems we can offer a Fast Cure version for situations where “down time” is a factor e.g. busy production areas.

This system has proven very popular with some of our customers who work a busy 24/7 schedule and have very few chances to resolve their flooring issues.

The product is called Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) which has a cure time of around 1Hr this means we can install many resin installations which are multi- layered within 1 day.

For example:- A factory floor which we would specify 3 coats of resin paint would take 3 days but be out of action for 4 due to the curing time. An MMA system could be carried out within 12-24 Hr. then ready for use.

MMA has all the qualities of your standard resin systems but without the 12 Hour curing time which can be very valuable to a busy shop or production factory.Coating 01