UltraSyntec specialise in the installation of Fibre Reinforced Screed for floor areas such as the covering of UltrSyntec Underfloor Heating or the food & beverage industry to where “falls” in the floors are required to eliminate standing water.

Fibre Screed is a sand and cement screed which has been polymer modified to speed up the curing time. The screed is mixed with polypropylene fibres which helps the structural properties once cured.

This traditional screed has excellent thermal properties when used in conjunction with underfloor heating. The typical thickness for a fibre screed is between 60mm and 100mm allowing hot air to easily breach through. They are also good at holding the heat keeping a longer lasting floor temperature.

UltraSyntec have used this product for many years when ‘falls’ are required within a floor, it can be laid as thick as 300mm down to a 40mm edge and still hold a strength conforming to BS EN 13813. The system has good impact/abrasion resistance against site traffic prior to the floor covering being installed.

The curing time all depends on the thickness of the screed and the room temperature, but we can achieve around 2-3mm per day by using warm air equipment thus speeding up the process. Fibre Reinforced Screeds can be used in environments such as;

  • Domestic Property
  • Commercial Properties
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • University
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Industrial Property’s