Self Levelling Liquid Floor Screed Installation

Liquid floor screed being pumped across a floor surface


Using specialist machinery, floor screeding contractors UltraSyntec can pump polymer modified self-levelling screed over underfloor heating systems.

Liquid floor screed once cured becomes dense which results in excellent thermal qualities. This allows hot air to permeate through the screed into the flooring space. It also holds radiant heat, maintaining the floor temperature for longer.

Floor screed thickness of 30-60mm

Liquid Screed has become the number one choice for underfloor heating due to its excellent thermal qualities. Screed can be laid at thicknesses between 30-60mm allowing a shorter distance for the heat to penetrate. This uses less energy and lowers energy costs for the customer.

Quick drying screed fully cured in 48 hours

Once the screed has been pumped, it has a full cure time of around 48 hours allowing further floor coverings to be installed on top. UltraSyntec only use leading brand material which comes with its own performance guarantees.

We can also use self-levelling screeds in area’s which are laid by trowel or pump application. This is a good method for renovating tired looking floors which are in need of refurbishment.

All UltraSyntec flooring systems can be laid over liquid floor screeds ensuring the customer gets the all important flat finish. This system can be used in environments such as;

  • Domestic property
  • Commercial property
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • University’s
  • Industrial property

For a no obligation quote for supply and installation in your specific space please email or phone us today on 01422 377708.