As part of UltraSyntec stainless steel service we can provide and install stainless drains. All Our drains are of 316 grades and are made up in 5 Metre lengths which are welded & polished on site prior to installation. Smaller drains can be made and brought to site pre welded & polished.

All drains come with a pre made fall and a 110mm standard flu. They have a simple design which makes them easy to clean but still occupy heavy duty drain covers for production areas. We can include a Fat Trap for areas which gather debris on a daily basis; this can dramatically help against blocked drains.

We offer two types of drain covers: standard (Ladder Grid Sections) or non- standard (Cattle Grid Sections. Non-standard are ideal in areas which will endure a particular heavy load.

UltaSyntec can also provide the service of installing the drain. Depending on the size and access this can be done using either hand held hydraulic breaker or pecking and digging machinery. We use fast curing mortar to set the drain in which saves on time for further floor coverings to be installed, keeping production down time to a minimal.

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  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare