Stainless Steel Kerbs

stainless steel kerbs with barrier in a food environment

As part of UltraSyntec Stainless Steel service, we can provide and install stainless steel kerbs for industries which need to uphold an extreme level of hygiene.

Two Types & Sizes Of Stainless Steel Kerbs Offered

We offer two types of kerbing > single side for internal walls > double side for internal walls. There are two heights of kerbing: 190mm / 290mm. Each kerb is welded and polished on site which allows for any differences in height, i.e. falls in floor

Once the kerb is in place we insert steel rods through pre-drilled holes down through the centre of the kerb allowing 100 – 150mm of overhang. This is carried out every four feet.

Concrete is then poured in and left to cure, once this process has been carried out the kerbs are ready to accept the specified walling at the width required.

The Karro Food Group recently took advantage of our stainless steel kerbing service.

In addition, we can also supply & install stainless steel barriers/bollards and kick plates, all in 306 grade stainless steel.

This service is ideal for the following environments;

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare